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  • 25 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 11:22

Your eyes can be predictive of potential disease

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Just by eye examination can be diagnosed in the early stages of many diseases has been reported.

Adana news: People should give importance to the eye examination
said the World Eye Hospital, Adana Medical Coordinator Op. Dr. Cuneyt Karaarslan many diseases review of the various findings that the this reason , progress and improvement in the process of detecting the benefits , he said.
Of diabetes especially weak vessels of the organ choose stating Karaarslan , \"Diabetes eyes, kidneys and brain also seriously damage makes a . However, capillaries are widely fingers and toes, the ends of the part of their sugar-dependent in very serious complications may face . you ever sugar does not have diagnosis of a patient , a good eye examinations passed , the disease-related risk factors for clinically apparent can be removed. perfectly healthy when very short period eye on the sudden change in sugar clinically very common situation , \"he said .
at least ONCE Consult an eye specialist should
every human eye on a dynamic team process , depending on Karaarslan vary stated that , \"In fact, metabolic, hormonal, environmental and genetic factors condition and age of the eye on a lot more stable and reflex mechanism that will allow us to change our eye on obstacles. Especially after a certain age to go to the eye doctor at least once a year, we said that you need . It's not something stable dynamics of eye number one thing that we say to express . Many eye number can vary depending on the disease . Good that you saw , thinking actually see very well may not be , \"he said .
EYE in the veins diagnosis of hypertension
hypertension in patients with sudden intraocular hemorrhage encountered can highlight Karaarslan ,\"eating habits can be considered dangerous salty foods or with Connect with fatty foods are frequently encountered in the vicinity of hypertension . Just by eye examination at an early stage retinal vein in examining patients of hypertension whether we can identify , \"he said .
He sudden strabismus that a patient brain tumor that came Karaarslan words as follows continued:
\"This situation at the endpoint and a detection is important . Many diseases of the brain can experience vision problems . Patients unable to climb stairs , dizziness and eye came to us with complaints of sudden shifts . This means that , our nervous system and our brain can give evidence of interest in the eyes of many diseases . With visible signs associated with eye movements or could . \"

Your eyes can be predictive of potential disease" comments for.


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