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  • 25 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 16:35

Your baby will be born on Health , Learn without risk

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Harmony started with the test to be applied to pregnant women in Turkey , especially including Down syndrome babies in the womb carries the genetic risks , with a share of 99.7 percent accuracy as can be learned .

İstanbul news:
introduced in Turkey Harmony testing for pregnant women , in order to inform parents Bosphorus Istanbul Park was introduced at a meeting held at the hotel . Inform participants of the subject matter experts in the world in 2012 since started to use the test in Turkey dissemination stated that they intended .
A simple blood test is enough
about a year , this home in Turkey to apply Harmony started with the test method is now the 10th week of pregnancy to do a simple blood test, inhabited by mothers during pregnancy eliminates many concerns . Thanks to this method is not widely used yet in our country receive fluid from the womb , rather than just a simple blood sample to be taken from the mother , it is sufficient for testing . Therefore, the risk of miscarriage with amniocentesis tests as the best side for mother and baby is completely safe and does not pose a risk to stand out .
Speaking at the meeting of the Open Gynecologists and Obstetricians . Dr. Orhan Orhan, Down Syndrome unborn baby could be detected noting , \"For many years, the screening tests had , but these tests will be born a child with Down syndrome is certain that an understanding was unable to provide . These tests amniocentesis method was applied , but these tests as a result of the mother's or baby's inflammatory coverage even lower possibility of doing well was found. these so many years this situation disappearance Trying to was . recent years, the revolution in such a test were found . baby's cells maternal blood which flowed into detected and the mother's arm blood collection process, the baby's cells is reached. this scrutiny and 99.7% as high as a accuracy , this baby has Down syndrome, whether there is can be learned . Harmony test we call this test , pregnancy tenth week since can be applied. mother's arm and gave blood samples in Turkey are not carried out for the America Sending and as two weeks at a time , retrieving the results . this result mothers the baby was not even born at risk from happening , \"he said .
methods used in our country for almost a year with the detection of Down syndrome in the baby, whether it is done so at the earliest describing Prof. Dr. Month one the \"Harmony test the most important features implemented so far we tested earlier than one week to perform. Direct maternal blood samples from being done and Harmony test is a very serious with an accuracy down catch is that you can . \"the words he said.
Toplantıda GELAB Labaratory are Group General Manager Engin Tuğut , Turkey's on each side of dealers and they work organizations stated that the objectives of Harmony test the very high reliability of the screening test is therefore that in Turkey all pregnant lady with double test is to provide the opportunity to make simultaneous said.

Your baby will be born on Health , Learn without risk" comments for.


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