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  • 17 Eylül 2014, Çarşamba 16:08

Suddenly his body burnt claims

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Gaziantep citizen named Mustafa Yildirim , suddenly illuminates the various parts of the body , claiming fear of completely burned by the flames , he said.

In Gaziantep, Mustafa Yildirim's citizen body several places suddenly lit , claiming completely into flame from burning said they were scared .
Tailoring that 35-year-old Mustafa Yildirim, unexpected moments when the body in various places on fire , it's also on the clothes had burned suggested. He is married and has 2 children lightning , especially at night while sleeping completely burning the fear experienced voiced by experts and asked for help.
Mustafa Yildirim, age 25 at the same event experienced by claiming that , but for 10 years the combustion event never happened , he said. Lightning, 4 times in the last 2 weeks that survived the fire danger ; underwear, pants and belt illuminates claimed.
a doctor but that the doctor their discomfort can not be detected He said that , interested experts to help him in extending its hand asked .
any health problem voicing Lightning, beginning last as long as regarding said:
\"Clothing I am working on . Terzian my . Baþýmdan the events was as follows . than 10 years ago of Halfeti district Arili in the village was sitting . My mom and I was sitting . a right-hand side of the burned down. fact, my mother saw opened was burned , was reduced to ashes athlete I . And now, 10 years after the last week, my wife and I were sitting . Children had . a moment right side out again , so I think I itch I thought . opened it, still burning. Belt I , pants , underwear burned. got scared . Obviously I'm really scared . I came to my uncle . event told . Sit down , we seemed to 9-10 in the evening hours . uncle would leave home to drive us . took the child in my lap , I was wearing my shoes were coming out of my back burned again in a moment . After that, I was shocked . I'm shocked by the uncle gave me water . Prayers are read . After 10 minutes I came to myself , but I do not remember . It's a deep well in the dark , as my father yelling at someone . I only hear it . Then I drank a little bit after . 4 in the last two weeks I burned underwear and shirts . I researched this topic to scientifically and want to help me . I'm scared of my body burning . I'm afraid that the flame is larger asleep . That fear is going on inside . My only wish , I only fear my two sons , my wife , my mother , my father had . All of a sudden my body is on fire , and since I söndüremez caught up in the bed . I am afraid of him . We want to help me . \"

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