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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 13:24

Prime Minister Davutoglu, Announces New Safety Package (3)

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Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, relating to life insurance , \"a passage for him , we put stage .

Ankara news: We will be dated . This should be studied . However, the benefits of it , all of the other provisions so important , because this time I will have a self-control , \"he said .
Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, Prime Minister's New Building in a press conference announced the new safety package in the meeting. Description of post-Obama answered questions from journalists , training audit, sanction to a question regarding the triangle , \"you can not change people's behavior without changing the mentality . Bring legal obligation to which you get, the mentality is through education and awareness . We're doing everything but the human factor important in the final field . When you can not control the human factor does not bring the desired result when any regulations did not know their rights. What do we do then? Our experience in the field of vocational education Ministry of Education , Labour Minister discuss with our brain so we had to incorporate vocational training institutions. As a result we have the following issues ; at the moment we need to use professional qualification institutions effectively . These workers'training and competence issues related to the sertifikandırıl . After leaving the law before our trade unions should embrace it. It is our union workers who will be training with the laws of the workers. I asked the workers to our union , how much training did you do ? Or is it the law in Parliament interests , even forgotten to go to the Red Crescent . All unions should also make our educational and awareness-raising activities in the normal conditions of their members . Except that the Government should be concerned with this legislation . This is not an attitude against our employer. Our employer is an attitude actually guaranteeing \"he replied.
Prime Minister Davutoglu, relating to life insurance , \"a passage for him , we put stage . We will be dated . This should be studied . But as important as all other regulations of the benefits this will bring . Because this time I will have a self-control. Just so that we have something we need to destroy it ; state of the law is going to pierce the cases where natural rights was seen . I'm a cop jumped off their seatbelt , this mentality problem . This needs to change the social culture. Private insurance companies when undertaking this work it will make a separate audit and a second will increase the audit, the card controls and there is a limit to my making aid on the same scale everywhere instead of state aid that may lead to injustice in a loss. Life insurance comes when each worker when the state still can help but be concerned about the loss of family support will be a future without anxiety. Therefore, to bring about a radical transformation in the positive sense for us. We are committed to this issue , \"he said .
Labour Minister of Steel,\"Occupational health and safety regulations of the Republic of Turkey for the first time as an independent law legislation came in 2012. Take the occupational health and safety specialist services to the obligation we have put in place since 1 January 2014 . This is how our legal legislation in this area is extremely important for us to see that new . Occupational health and take part in all elements of the obligation , and we bring . Currently we have reserved 3 sections of establishments , dangerous, very dangerous and less dangerous. The number of dangerous and very dangerous place 680 thousand . We have 680 thousand workplaces January 1, 2014, this day has made 205 thousand occupational safety and health professionals from the purchase contract with the company . 470 thousand in the workplace is still no agreement regarding occupational safety and health specialist , \"he said.
< Strong> ADMINISTRATIVE FINES Prime Minister Davutoglu on the question of Photo administrative fines , \"for essentially the fines There are decisions we make certain escalation cohort studies. Fully in the planning process to ensure that management control , \"he said .
Energy Minister Yildiz same question , \"What issues are associated with the production planning can be performed until we give is important . Production planning of the declaration of the private sector each year , we will check with our our control \"gave money .
Another journalist , \"If discontinued workplace employer came without permission and said imprisonment without penalty if the determination is made . This , is whether or death? \"Davutoglu to the question , \"Some mines that already have a load of work in its entirety should be discontinued if there is no commencement of work. Coal in certain areas are running, the system continues. Inspector came ,'I can see hardship, these regulations will you do there , \"says business and stops there . Ermenek we move from , for example , if this information is not stored , the inspector came and'You have almost here top , I stop there to push water'had also been , then after going to the employer inspector'or inspector said so but discontinued business was started again', that's when mortal whether or not converted to imprisonment , fines accident . Here come very serious penalties , up to 5 years 2.5 years starting \"he replied. Photo LIVING ROOM Photo of a journalist , \"was observed to be in the mining sector of dayıbaşılık system. This system is going rough in a mine on the other hand , we want to turn it off 50 people, he explained kicks Mr. Steel \"questions to Obama, \"continues a business, it needs to be modernized. Dayıbaş something she already de facto status as one such practice , when royalty remove complements the private sector in areas such a term does not open already . A phrase that she used to collect Dayıbaş more workers in the system , they say sergeant or something . This is not a modern business . However , it will certainly not life already in this modern building area . We made ​​it necessary to dry the oxygen exchange station. These types of issues are not going to find dayıbaş applications and other applications with the new modernization \"was the answer .
Minister Yildiz, \"You guys gave a briefing . That the application of the most modern countries where most technology in the world? It's relevant to our high standards of bringing here \"on the question, \"USA, Germany, Russia, Australia and Canada as well as high-tech implements found in both coal production in this regard. Went delegation that discussed in the world of the living room , we saw a part of the country that approach . Living room all this work and not direct mediation, as we say in all developed countries , not only Turkey. In the style of these changes mask points will not exceed 45 minutes , passing-oriented applications to be made frequently from . \"The Deputy Prime Minister in the Photo Meeting Ali Babacan , Labour and Social Security Minister Faruk Celik, Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yildiz and Development Minister Cevdet Yilmaz ready found.

Prime Minister Davutoglu, Announces New Safety Package (3)" comments for.


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