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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 12:44

New Treatment Method for Liver Tumors

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Surgical intervention is not possible implementation radioembolization applied to liver tumors , in the Aegean region between the first affiliated hospital of the Ministry of Health Izmir Ataturk Training and Research Hospital Clerk Celebi University was started.

Surgical intervention is not possible implementation radioembolization applied to liver tumors , in the Aegean region between the first affiliated hospital of the Ministry of Health Izmir Ataturk Training and Research Hospital Clerk Celebi University was started.
İKÇÜ from the Department of Interventional Radiology , Atatürk Training and Research Hospital, Exp . Dr. Team led by Volkan Cakir and the treatment of liver tumors shrinking or complete disappearance can be provided.
Radiologist Dr. Volkan Cakir, liver cancer and be prepared for surgery or surgery can not be used in patients with a treatment method radioembolization in the Aegean region , the Health Ministry said that first-time adopters of hospitals . Radioembolization of liver cancer in the region and radiation therapy as well as embolization ( feeding the tumor blockage of arteries ) operations at the same time applying the cancer cells die which current therapy is describing Cakir, \"Radioembolization process interventional radiologists are implemented by . However, treatment decisions often Interventional Radiology , Medical Oncology, Nuclear Medicine , Radiation Oncology, General Surgery and treatment with other branches of the common council by the decision are given. We practice Exp. Lifetime Honey , Nuclear Medicine clinic Assoc. Dr. bud around here and Internal Medicine clinic specializing in . Dr. Sezgin are carrying out with the Patriots , \"he said . Exp . Dr. Volkan Cakir told the details of the transaction ; \"Patients Angioma method groin is introduced and the hepatic arteries finds later tumor blood vessels feeding the presence or thin catheters ( plastic tubes with ) entered tumors and tumors around the radiation-emitting small particles is given ( microsphere he goes ) . Doing this our the purpose and tumor feeding vessels to occlude both we provide it with particles around radiation puts out the tumor and surrounding that might be cancerous region radiation giving radiotherapy have done would be. patient radiotherapy outside but also direct insider gets some side effects and so much more is less . ahead too much preparation is needed. each liver tumor patients with this application maybe we do not need to meet the criteria conditions \".
Dr. Çakır liver's own tumor as used in liver splashed tumors, the methods used and the advantages as follows:\"Radioembolization treatment cycles ( full treatment ), a method that is not only the treatment of cancer focus shrinkage , reduced liver cell damaging reduce the symptoms of cancer, to decrease, cancer stage to a decrease in liver transplant patients who will have the transplant waiting for during the spread of the tumor to prevent a very large cancer foci in patients with , surgery in patients unfit for surgery, the chances increase serves . Radioembolization has minimal side effects . Local anesthesia is carried out with the patient comfort are at the forefront . surgery had no chance of patients treatment offers . liver transplant queue for patients , during which time the cancer locus of control allows you to stay . cancer spreading patient's transplant chances of losing blocks. treatment , cancer tissue only reduce the size of not only the metabolism and nutrition hampers . Treatment depends on the duration of hospitalization is short, most of the time is one day. Surgery is a procedure , groin made ​​angiography outside stitches does not track laying incision will be made. \"
Radioembolization therapy two step process . Each in two steps angiography room, angiography device accompanied implemented. first stage groin artery entering them , liver vascular imaging purposes confined to the liver angiography is performed . Thus liver locations inside where cancer focus location , size , vascularity would be associated . cancer focal liver through which the vessel with is fed is learned . also this first stage angiography the patient's cancer tissue is fed vessels into a specific substance is injected . finish-patient Nuclear Medicine units in a specific imaging of the item actually cancerous tissue it retains or body to other organs disperses it is determined . first step angiography in patients who are admitted to the second stage .
angiographic method in the second stage in the same way again cancerous tissue in the liver vasculature are achieved. Then a number of special micro-catheters ( plastic tubes ) and micro-wires and the cancer foci feeding vessels by opening these vessels into nuclear medicine in section A previously prepared , wherein the radioactive material ( yttrium-90 , Y90 ) and obstructing particles ( embolic material ) of the special a mixture is injected . Thus, the radioactive material into the cancer tissue ( radiotherapy ) and vascular occlusion particles ( embolization ) is obtained at the same time by giving a dual action . Of radioactive material by irradiating cancer foci of cancer cells to die , while on the other hand with occlusive particles are stopped feeding on the blood of cancer cells . This dual effect of the cancer cells is slowed down and metabozliz ( would be a reduction in the patient's symptoms ) , and growth is inhibited, and the spread is under control .

New Treatment Method for Liver Tumors" comments for.


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