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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 17:11

Ministers Canikli'den \"Illegal Meat \"Description

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Customs and Trade Minister Nurettin Canikli , illegal meat stating that the relevant administrative investigation continued , using technology more in control , he said it aims to prevent .

İstanbul news:
Minister Canikli, Turkey Exporters Assembly attended with additional Presidents answered questions from journalists after the meeting of the Council . Illegal meat inquiries Minister Canikli speaking on , \"We share with the public her what made all our step about already . Currently topic continues in both jurisdictions , as well as administrative as we continue our work in detail to reveal the similar events that may be associated with this event . So much detailed name is not correct to do some evaluation . But sometimes solve a case , it opened the way for the resolution of other similar events , it gives a clue about it. he got opportunities , we'll assess him Did possibility of that . also related to the tax dimension of the Ministry of Finance'na we save inheritance . They will do the necessary work . But overall we have a general application relating to transactions carried out using the warehouse regime under transit trade. had appeared already red meat-related events in this context . this decision and had appeared in the application of the results we get mean . certain There are areas, using these areas are product groups and the possibility that red meat such content without subjecting them to the possibility of entering the field , we are following closely. Also associated with them currently identify our physical and counting continues , \"he said .
Minister Canikli indicating whether any loosening of control,\"the AK Party government have never been loosened controls . Only consistently using more intensive use of technological tools in our control facilities give us technology we are working to increase its effectiveness. Said never be considered when checking the weight reduction of customs . This applies to us, us also applies to previous periods. In terms of success and get results more control in order to obtain the introduction of technological tools especially the customs from 2003 has also greatly strengthen the control of customs at this point. We're trying to take it a bit further. Busy with the possibilities of technology transfer more control effort , \"he said .
Nurettin Canikli Ministers , on a question related to fuel smuggling , \"also on the overall fuel and our thoughts are very different measures . One part was yet to be finalized , will continue to work . No need to share information about them at this stage but said that issues related to refined petroleum imports. That is not such a case in crude oil imports. But yet again , but we have not finished our final decision on the transfer of oil in the warehouse regime began to form our opinion the aloofness of a serious point , \"he said .

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