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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:29

Kahramanmaras Construction Exhibition Opened

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Construction and urban renewal in Kahramanmaras exhibition was inaugurated.

Kahramanmaraş news: Photo NAF Fair ceremony, a minute of silence was held at the Center and Independence began with the anthem read. Speaking at a Photo Opening Ceremony Kahramanmaras Commerce and Industry Chamber Chairman Kemal Karaküçük, \"The construction sector is the locomotive of Turkey. Approximately billion pounds gross output for the domestic and provide input to additionally sector , the share of national revenues with the activities of the contribution of this sector , depending on pursuing more than 200 sub-sectors so construction of a 30 level is the locomotive of Turkey. on the other hand , while one hand is part of the national economy foreign successfully referred to the Turkish construction sector is about 2 million people, while direct employment, this number exceeds 5 million together with related sectors , \"he said . Photo overseas projects said proudly that Kahramanmaraşlı involvement of construction companies Karaküçük, continued as follows:< br/> \"sector started its overseas journey by harbor construction in Libya in 1972 has reached a business volume of USD today 278 billion , Russia, Turkmenistan, Libya, Iraq, Kazakhstan , Saudi Arabia , 7 thousand in 103 countries such as Qatar 400 projects has been signed . I would like to say with pride that construction of this project in Kahramanmaraşlı company. Turkey the previous year, the number of houses sold increased 26 percent compared to the same month in general , recovery has regained speed in residential re-sales . 40 percent of the renewal of housing stock in Turkey against earthquake risk is estimated that 6-7 million housing need . In this respect it is a very important function of urban transformation. Preventing the need for disaster risk in terms of increasing the growth of the economy as well as urban renewal has a strategic location . The scope of the construction permits received 663 thousand in 2013 of 1.8 billion pounds in Kahramanmaras project continues the construction of about 10 thousand apartments. Following approval of the structure approximately 5 thousand in the same period , was opened to residential and service. In this light , the growth of the construction sector in Kahramanmaras with the introduction of urban renewal projects and is seen as open employment will increase. \"With the cessation of Photo Opening ribbon, stands by invited receipts from individual gezilerek authorities. Photo Construction and Urban conversion Fair, will remain open until November 15 , 2014.

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