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  • 21 Eylül 2014, Pazar 09:53

In 2030, 70 million in the world will have Alzheimer's disease

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Turkey Ankara Branch of the Alzheimer's Association President Prof.

Turkey Ankara Branch of the Alzheimer's Association President Prof. Dr. Esen Saka Topçuoğlu in the world that 35 million Alzheimer's patients , according to estimates made ​​in 2030, 70 million of this figure in 2050 is expected to triple , he said.
Topçuoğlu said , memory and other mental functions related to brain cells progressively loss manifests itself in Alzheimer's aging population combined with a significant increase expected , said:\"The World Health Organization predicts according to the number of patients in 2030, two in 2050 the three-fold increase is expected . Alzheimer's disease is common and severe disability as providing the only health problem but also a social and economic issue. Estimated in the world 35 million in the United States , 5 million , 400 thousand in Turkey Alzheimer's disease there . aging of the population with these figures in 2030, two in 2050, three times is expected . disease incidence by age is changing. roughly 65 years , so is 1 , every 5 years had doubled , 85 years later , 38 percent-up to 50 reached to say that . 65 years of age incidence is 10 percent. these numbers to the patient what the health system nor the economy was not ready to say , \"he said .
disease most important risk factors of age and education level Noting Topçuoğlu said:
\"Alzheimer's is not known exactly why . However, with both genetic and environmental factors before brain cells connect with each other and their functions are disrupted , then the cells are dying hasarlanarak . The most important risk factor for Alzheimer's is age. For this reason, societies get older , the incidence of the disease is increasing. Low educational and cultural level of disease is seen more . Educational and cultural level is high , the more development and more robust connection between cells that cause the increase in cognitive reserve prevent or delay the development of the disease is thought to . There is a familial predisposition to Alzheimer's disease . Family ( mother, father, brother , etc.) a person who is a close risk of Alzheimer's disease , family history of Alzheimer's disease is not more than . On the other hand more than 10 percent of patients with Alzheimer's disease in a minority is entirely hereditary . In these patients, the disease much earlier age may start . \"
Topçuoğlu protection from disease for at a young age and cardiovascular health protection came from the expression, \"middle-aged high blood pressure, high cholesterol , obesity, poorly treated diabetes, smoking, and excessive alcohol use disorders an important risk factor and risk factor control , ie with the blood pressure to normal values ​​lowering , cholesterol, and glucose levels control, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption , avoiding the risk of developing disease decreased shown . In addition, the level of education and culture, increasing the risk of disease is reduced in societies . To socialize , to have different hobbies , exercise , disease preventive way of life . Nutrition as a Mediterranean diet (seafood , olive oil, whole grains , vegetables Eating a diet rich in saturated fat and red meat to reduce ) the disease can reduce their risk has been shown , \"he said .
Topçuoğlu head trauma and disease risk 2-4 times increase , pointing out that recurrent moderate or severe head trauma ( loss of consciousness or memory loss causing ) the risk of disease 2-4 times more likely , that most traffic accidents , realized with this head injury prevention , seat belt , wear a helmet by such methods can be achieved reported.
Topçuoğlu the disease early and most important findings memory impairment is telling , said continued:
\"No memory impairment, in other words, new information difficulty in obtaining patients because of recent events they forget. They say what they say over and over again . May ask the same questions again , because you have not learned your answer . Appointments may be mixed . Names would be a problem . Installing talking , chat inability to capture , is very concerned previously seen inability to follow current events . Find where they may not put their belongings . Every time they go , you know the way to where they are lost. Work and social lives or incompetence are seen in married-related functions . Sometimes excessive suspiciousness, extreme obsessive behavior may be early signs of the disease . Of course , these findings that can cause disease or condition other than Alzheimer's disease , there are also . \"

In 2030, 70 million in the world will have Alzheimer's disease" comments for.


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