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  • 28 Eylül 2014, Pazar 10:29

Heavy Bags Hernia Says

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Improper , unsupported heavy lifting of the back and neck discs wear and over time tear may cause that express the experts , people can carry more load into the bottom of the back, shoulder constantly carries something of the hernia causing said.

Bursa news:
heavy backpacks taşınmayıp a long time , from both shoulders with wide and padded shoulder straps correctly stated that the transport and manipulation of Physical Therapy Expert Dr. Ali Şahabettinoğl the alleviation of excess weight in the bag and more than 10 percent of body weight should be noted that the transport weight . Şahabettinoğl , the \"Bag the useless stuff vainly yourself burden we should not . Spinal your ride over load , over time it eroding back and neck pain may cause . Especially school-age children in the most common loading is heavy backpack to carry school children's developing joints and musculature in the force gives rise to . these muscle strain , poor posture and gait disorders and severe back pain for paves . heavy loads to carry the pain caused from the waist to the leg spans herniated disc in the neck arm-hands radiating pain exists neck hernia is likely to be . requiring surgery a case if the disease according to the state of physical therapy , pain relief and muscle relaxant drugs , injections and manipulation ( manual therapy ) method, one or more applicable , \"he said .
in Bursa in the center of the back and neck hernia in patients for many years applied manipulation ( manual therapy ) method of healing that many patients with Exp . Dr. Ali Şahabettinoğl this treatment method applied in Turkey known by a small number of specialist doctors said. The treatment of mild cases of manipulation 2-3 , 4-6 in moderate cases , stating that in extreme cases, take the 8-10 sessions Şahabettinoğl , treatment administered at intervals of 3-5 days told us that . During this treatment, the disorder is waist and neck with the hands of a team stretching, push and rotation applied such techniques , indicating that Şahabettinoğl , the \"Manipulation with 98 percent recovery of the patient have a chance. Only 2 percent of patients may need surgery . Surgery , hernia in the feet progressive loss of muscle strength , the urine-stool incontinence with or without surgery response to therapy and neck hernia the hands-arms progressive loss of muscle strength in patients with or surgical treatment that does not respond very small number of patients may be required , \"he said .

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