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  • 27 Eylül 2014, Cumartesi 10:24

Gives New Hope in Cancer Treatment

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Yeditepe University, Department Head of Medical Oncology

Antalya news: Dr. Virgo's Uluç Crochet In recent years, the most promising results in lung cancer patients'own defense systems that make reactivated'immunotherapy'work began to arrive , he said.
Professor Dr. Uluç in Muş the 7th International Oncology Days lung cancer is related to his presentation about his statement in the world and in Turkey due to cancer the most common cause of death was lung cancer, emphasizing that, lung cancer, 85 per cent of non-small cell of the lung cancer ( NSCLC) and 70 percent of patients in advanced phase of diagnosis , he said.
percent of cases 70 I EARLY NOT
Turkey'of lung cancer ranks first among cancers in men has stated that Professor Dr. Uluç'If we look to developed countries , but there is lung cancer now ranks second in men . 70 per cent of cases at an early stage is not . This large proportion of cases diagnosed at an early stage to indicate that'he said . Advanced stage non-small cell lung cancer to chemotherapy alone , until recently, in the form of treatment is reminiscent of Prof. Dr. Uluç in recent years in the tumor genomic changes ( mutations) to determine the treatment approach is very important changes is reported.
immunotherapy treatment METHODS
Now in lung cancer after diagnosis of these changes are routinely tested that and if they are determined to target chemotherapy drugs used instead of stating that these changes Prof. Dr. Uluç'immunotherapy'this so-called treatment goal in the patient's own defense system reactivated by ensuring that fight disease organisms do provide , he said .
This type of treatment of the tumor type, the immune system's adequacy and the treatment team in the opinion of the planned striking Prof . Dr. Uluç said:
'EGFR mutations detected in patients'erlotinib , gefitinib, or afatinib'Public tablets given as targeted agents with chemotherapy compared to a much better response is obtained, moreover, side effects less being and quality of life is increasing. Similarly in patients with ALK determined translocation'crizotinib'named agents in tablet form when treated with the better response is obtained than in chemotherapy . EGFR mutation and ALK translocation Although effective treatments for these changes are small cell lung cancer patients but at 15 percent is determined. Patients, 85 percent of the current chemotherapy is the only option and chemotherapy achievements are limited.''
in immunotherapy promising results YES
In recent years, lung cancer, the most promising results of immunotherapy studies to come facing a future that starts and short of drugs expected to be released stating that Prof. Dr. Uluç said:
'a healthy immune system activation , when it normal tissues also prevent damage to a period of time after the brake mechanism comes into operation and the immune system's attack durdurmaktadır.iş brake mechanisms of the most important PD-1 receptor. When PD-1 receptor activates the immune system develops tolerance to the tumor and the immune system attacks the tumor remains. MV-1 targeting'nivolumab and pembrolizumab'named drugs of the immune system launch an attack that retards the PD-1 receptor activation prevents and thus the immune system , tumors tolerance geliştirmeyip tumor are destroyed . Both previously untreated , as well as the previously received treatment in patients who have developed resistance to PD-1 targeting'nivolumab has been shown to be effective in clinical trials and new studies are ongoing. This drug's most important advantage of molecular changes , whether or not all non-small cell lung cancers are effective .''
different cancers effective in
Immunotherapy of lung cancer than many different types of cancer in the Professor pointed out that effective Dr. Uluç , it has become standard treatment for melanoma , he said. Professor Dr. Uluç'Immunotherapies today if used in 3 percent of cancers in the next 10 years form the backbone of cancer treatment and cancer are expected to be introduced in 60 per cent of'he said.

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