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  • 26 Eylül 2014, Cuma 12:50

Dr. Bone:\"2 glasses of milk a day for your health \"For

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Mersin Public Health Director Dr.

Mersin news: Aytekin Bone , milk consumption, school-age children , especially every age group of great importance , said:\"Growth-age children and young people at least half a liter of milk consumed is required. Health for 2 cups per day for milk, \"he said.
Dr . Bone , 27 September World School Milk Day by making a written explanation therefore , has highlighted the importance of milk consumption . In Turkey Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry, the Ministry of Education , Ministry of Health and the National Dairy Council in cooperation with the 2011-2012 academic year, the School Milk Programme introduced reminiscent of Dr. Bone , these programs , including master classes to elementary school students started the distribution of milk , he said. The program , children habit of drinking milk by providing adequate and balanced diet , which contributes to healthy growth and development, support , emphasizing that bone , milk and milk products consumption , promoting this issue in the community consciousness in order to create the world each year on September 27th World School Milk Day is celebrated as that noted.
pre-school and school-age children in the rapid growth and development because of the many nutrients the need for the life of the other periods compared to the more pointed out that the bone , energy and nutrient needs are met in the most important food groups in one of the milk and milk products underlined that . Milk and dairy products in sufficient quantities consumption , particularly the growth and development of rapid school-age children , especially every age group of great importance for voicing the bone , \"Feeding Our milk is quite important there are a lot . Human life at every stage of the necessary milk, vitamin C and non-ferrous many nutrients terms is a good resource . , especially in childhood , pregnancy, lactation , and old age sufficient amounts of milk consumption is extremely important . calcium , the main source known as milk and milk products at an insufficient level to be consumed , osteoporosis ( bone loss ) as well as on bone health serious and harmful effects may be formed , \"he said.
milk contained in the organism's development in terms of the necessary calcium in children with bone and teeth formation plays an important role , pointing the bone , he continued:\"on the other hand , vitamin A eye and dental health, vitamin E strengthens the immune system , the B vitamins, appetite , nervous and digestive systems in the regulation of vitamin D , especially in children, growth and development of teeth and bones acts . In milk as well as biotin, hair and skin health importance when moving accelerate growth is vitamin B2 . Therefore, the growth of children and youth at the age of at least 500 ml of milk a day should consume . For 2 cups of milk a day for your health . \"

Dr. Bone:\"2 glasses of milk a day for your health \"For" comments for.


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