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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 18:17

Advice to Students from the President

Advice to Students from the President
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Square Mayor Yucel Yilmaz, Nature College students't-MBA on Entrepreneurship was passed experiences .

Balıkesir news:
Square Mayor Yucel Yilmaz, upon the invitation of the College of Natural met with students at the school . Life is everything on your own can solve not so long as students exhorted Yilmaz , \"Empathy structure , ask questions , and others benefit from the experience of the . Empathy do not do PR you're finished . Family ethics along with a good observer should be . Preliminary judicial move away from the human as human beings to behave work . humans without hurting to say no if you know then they are successful. now countries not cities are competing. , urban dwellers breed of energy is very important. Balıkesir, the biggest problem is one of the disparagement mechanism. outside, if anyone comes near shopkeepers when asked immediately discredit mechanism activates and he trades about unpleasant things to say . us from this mechanism is necessary to happen , \"he said .
Square Municipality , culturally in people's lives awareness creation should be stressed that the President Yilmaz, in town for a family from the house when he came out listen to music world cuisine you can taste spaces should be he said. President Yilmaz , in which domestic and foreign investors consistently called on the knowledge of their Yilmaz, \"a hiring enthusiastic start the experience of others do not use that's when the most productive era you yourself debt paying as you can find . A job before entering the successful companies examine . Particular failing firms'reasons inconvenienced investigate whether and yourself from them lessons remove. , I trade all the questions asked. Reasons I looked and my colleagues always cared about . Successful people yourself idol select. family's success appreciate and your family as well as accept. family's his takes lessons from mistakes and errors, you do not do well , \"he said .


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